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  • Only Fools and Horses Print
  • Only Fools and Horses Print

Why I did this drawing..

I decided to do this drawing as so many people love Only Fools and Horses and I always like to draw what people suggest and want to see me draw. I liked the idea of having Grandad and Uncle Albert in the same photo as no photo exists like this as they were never in the programme at the same time. Once I had completed this drawing and shared it on my Social Media pages, so many people loved it and wanted a copy of their own which is why I decided to make prints.

John Challis (Boycie from Only Fools and Horses) owns a print of this drawing along with my full cast print and the original drawing of Boycie and Marlene.

All prints are numbered and hand signed by Sophie Edwards.

Other Only Fools and Horses prints are also available:
Full cast
Boycie & Marlene.
You will find these prints on my shop.

These prints are perfect for framing. Prints are printed onto paper which can then be framed. Prints are posted on their own. If you are interested in having your print framed, get in touch and I can send you a quote.

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